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Take a look at what we have to say about the service provided by Custom Writing UK. This Custom Writing UK review is based on experience with the service. We aim to ensure that by the end of this text the reader will be able to answer the question: is trustworthy?

About The Service: Does it Work?

What is Custom Writing UK? In college, students usually have much work to do. This comes in the form of assignments papers, coursework and even studying for tests. Sometimes the academic tasks become too much for students due to various reasons: some may lack time to complete these tasks, others might have very close deadlines with too much work to do, language and writing troubles and also problems with knowledge on a subject are also challenging. They might have to seek professional assistance. Custom Writing UK offers students incredible assistance with their assignments. They are a writing company that provides writing help to students and give them a chance to improve their grades. Does work? Yes, it does. This company has been in the writing market for at least 5 years within which they have built a reputation among students.

Custom Writing UK rating in the market is amazing! They are among the top 10 writing companies in the UK. They provide quality services to their customers, and therefore it is no surprise they are well recognized. Is legit? This depends on the meaning of the term. What makes the company legit is the fact that they do provide the services they advertise and they value their clients. There have not been any reports of a scam going around which means that they fulfill their promises. Their service is one of the best because of several reasons. For one, this service helps students from all over the world with their papers. This is aided by the fact that they have been able to gather a great team of writers, currently capable of handling 150 orders daily. Native English speakers handle orders, which means that the assignments are written with no errors. The fact that they value their customers and work hard to ensure that they fulfill their needs makes them the best option or students in need of writing assistance. All clients are treated with respect every step of the way. For one they meet the deadlines that customers specify when placing orders strictly to make sure that their clients submit their work in time. Also, they ensure that their writers follow instructions when fulfilling these orders for clients to get the work they deserved and paid for. They have a full-time customer service which makes it very convenient to reach them whenever customers have any questions or need clarifications.

This service makes it very easy for clients to acquire their services by not requiring them to go through any signup processes that might be time-consuming. Also, there are Custom Writing UK discounts that make the burden of payments easier on clients.

The Simplicity and Convenience of Their Design

At first glance, their website is very inviting. They have selected a layout that is easy on the eye but also attracts your attention. From the top, they have provided the contact information for their service, and it is among the first things a client sees on the page. This is very convenient for clients in a hurry. The ‘order now’ button is easily visible and is also placed at the top of the page. As you scroll down, you will also realize that navigation is easy. Also, the placement of each of the components in their website is very neat such that every section is allocated enough space. This ensures that you do not scroll past anything thereby provide detailed information on the order. Custom Writing UK writing service ensures that a first time client will have everything they need before deciding to make their order. For starters, there is a cost calculator that enables you to know how much you need to place an order with the service. Next, the advantages of using the service are highlighted briefly and eloquently, which informs the client about the service before they employ the company. Right under this section, you come across a list of the papers that they handle. Hence, a customer will be confident when hiring Custom Writing UK since they can identify the task they want to be handled from the list of all the subjects. Further down you will come across Custom Writing UK testimonials from previous clients who are aimed at helping you decide on whether to trust them. On the overall, their design is among the best when it comes to providing convenience to clients.

The Services Offers

There are different Custom Writing UK services that students can acquire. The first and basic one is the writing of any paper. They complete writing orders for different types of papers, for example, essays, personal statements, assignments, term papers and also dissertations. They deal with papers across various disciplines and subjects in college such as business and management, political and social sciences, history, accounting and finance, law, engineering, nursing, health sciences, mathematics, geography, chemistry, literature, journalism, marketing, IT, philosophy, theology and also psychology.

Apart from writing they also provide the following services.

  • They can format a client’s paper in any of the known styles, for example, MLA, APA, Harvard, and even Chicago.
  • They have professionals who go through completed papers to identify and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, or any other mistakes and improve the general quality.
  • They edit papers thoroughly thus improving the language used and removing the errors in the content. They even improve the general presentation to ensure work has maximum impact.
  • PowerPoint presentations – Clients who need to present their papers in slides in front of groups.
  • Design and programming tasks
  • Lab reports. Analysis and presentation assistance
  • Calculation tasks.

How Easy is It to Place Orders?

According to different reviews, placing orders from this service is relatively easy. They have a simple process that clients can complete in even 10 minutes. Their most important attribute here is the fact that they do not require clients to sign up with their service when placing orders. They allow you to place your first order, and then they create an account for you and email you the details for login. To place an order the first thing a client needs to do is to click the ‘order now’ button. You are then directed to a page that contains their order form. For first time clients, the website provides the order process as a guide for them. A client is first required to fill out their order form with the details about their order. This form contains different sections that help define the characteristics of the task. For example, the first thing the client indicates is the type of work that they need. Then they are supposed to specify the subject which it is for. After that, clients can select the level of education since different levels require different requirements and approaches. After this, clients indicate the number of pages for the work and also the deadline you intend to give them. They are detailed to ensure that the clients get what they intended. The next step is to provide any special instructions for the order since there is a section where you attach documents containing these instructions. After completing this, you make the payments for the paper and then you are all set and will have to wait for the order to be completed. Once they are done, you are notified, and you only need to download the paper.

Top Writers to Handle Your Tasks

This Custom Writing UK review would not be effective if we did not review their writers. This service has very talented writers. As mentioned before, they are all native English speakers who have attended renowned US and UK colleges and thus have an advanced level of the English language. Direct communication with the writers highlights their prowess and command of language. Furthermore, a good number of these people have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. They boast of over 1100 writers with masters degrees and higher in different subjects. Furthermore, clients are allowed to select their preferred writers when placing orders. writers are chosen carefully using a thorough process. First, they accept the CVs of the candidates and their diplomas to confirm their education levels. After analyzing these, the few who make it through this stage undertake an English test that aims at revealing their depth of knowledge in their fields. Very few pass this stage. A test of time is conducted on the remaining to reveal how well they work under pressure. The successful applicants undergo more writing training after which they are confirmed as writers. Their writers are always willing to work with clients to achieve top quality work.

Free Revisions of Completed Work

One of the main attributes that make reliable is that they are allow clients to request revisions for completed work. In some cases, there are changes that instructors make to the specifications or instructions after submission. This creates a problem for clients since they might have to make these changes on their own. Some writing companies do not allow changes in instructions when clients are requesting for revisions. Custom will allow clients to have these unexpected changes made at no extra charges.

Amazing Plagiarism Policy

Is Custom Writing UK safe in terms of ensuring no plagiarism? Let us find out. Plagiarism is very risky these days now that colleges have their plagiarism checks. Traces of plagiarized content in a paper will cause penalties for a student and even damage their reputation. Therefore when selecting any writing service, one has to ensure that ‘no plagiarism’ is part of the guarantees. This service enforces a very strict policy against plagiarism. First, they have all their writers writing every paper from scratch. This combined with the fact that customer’s special instructions are followed contributes to the emergence of unique papers. Also, this means that clients cannot be given work that was previously delivered to someone else. They realize every order is unique and needs to be treated as such. They ensure that the papers delivered to clients are unique by writing them from scratch. In addition, the company uses legit plagiarism checking software to ascertain the uniqueness of the assignments.

Reliable Communication and Awesome Customer Service

Custom Writing UK customer service is of high quality. They care about their customers, and they make efforts to ensure that they are well accommodated when acquiring services. Different client reviews on indicate that they received great treatment throughout the process. First, they are present 24/7 for clients, and hence one can place an order at any time of any day and still get assistance. Their live support is very fast and provides valid responses to any inquiries that potential clients have. While some writing companies use scripted responses for their support team, this service allows clients to communicate with experts who provide helpful answers to clients. support is also very calm, and their staff portrays much professionalism. While dealing with clients, they act professionally and are patient when addressing their troubles. Even when sometimes customers are rude, they still rise above and maintain their professionalism. It is common for students to sometimes become rude to customer service. The support is trained to understand that most of the times it is caused by frustrations of having much work to do and needing urgent assistance. Hence, these students might end up expressing their frustrations here.

They Provide All Types of Testimonials

Custom Writing UK is it reliable? First, you can take a look at what their previous clients are saying about their service on their website. Custom provides client testimonials on their website. This gives a chance for potential customers to see what people are saying about the service from experience. Some writing services are known for not allowing reviews on their sites. These services are dangerous since it means that they do not want clients sharing their experiences with their service.

Furthermore, these testimonials provide a real picture of the company’s service. They do not hide the negative remarks they get from the service. Providing 100% customer satisfaction rate is impossible. This service understands this and thus allows its clients to express their disappointment with any service feature. It is important to note that most of these testimonials are usually positive. Also, currently identifying fraud in the form of writing services is very easy. This is done by looking at reviews of the site online. reviews from different sources hold the company in high regards. Most of their customers are satisfied with their service which is a good sign. So, to answer the question “Is Custom Writing UK reliable? Yes, you can rely on them for your paper needs.

Confidentiality Guarantees

For college students, acquiring external professional assistance with their paper has to be a private affair. You do not want your instructor finding out that you delegated the task they assigned to others. Therefore, students have to be very careful when choosing writing companies to ensure that their data is safe. There are negative consequences that would arise if the instructors or the school gets proof that a student used a writing service. Some might even consider expulsion depending on the school and also the importance of the paper. Custom does not store client information. This is very crucial in preserving their confidentiality.

Furthermore, client information is highly protected and is not accessible to any undesired parties. Client names, phone numbers and also the details used during billing are not disclosed to the writers or any other parties. Writers have no idea whom they are writing for. Also, the chat board that allows direct communication between the writers and the clients is regulated. Clients are warned of sharing any personal information to the writers to ensure their safety. Following this Custom Writing UK review, it is evident that using Custom Writing UK is the smart choice since it keeps your information safe and secure.

A Review on their Prices

Looking for a trustworthy prices review? Find one in this section. The website has a cost calculator that helps student estimate how much their order will cost. The cost calculator produces different results when dealing with different assignment characteristics. Custom Writing UK prices vary according to different factors. First is the service that a client needs. Proofreading and formatting are cheaper for have a paper written. Also, the specific characteristics of an order will determine the prices. Papers for higher education levels will be slightly steeper in terms of pricing. Also, you might notice that papers that have been allocated longer deadlines are significantly cheaper than the papers with shorter deadlines. This means that each order is given special attention. Some services might claim to charge equal prices for papers of all levels. These sites are risky since they do not recognize the urgency of each paper and one should steer away from these. According to multiple reviews, this service has one of the most pocket-friendly prices for papers. A client can get an essay from as low as 16 euros a page. Their prices are also significantly reduced by the use of discounts and bonuses. A person with a Custom Writing UK coupon enjoys great price reductions.

Promo codes and Discounts

Worried that the price is too strenuous for your budget? Use a discount code to reduce the price and save money for other things. This service has taken significant strides in ensuring that more customers can afford their services. This is through allowing clients discounts by use of promo codes. When placing your order, there is a section whereby they allow clients who have promo codes to use them and get better prices. All one has to do is key in their Custom Writing UK promo code, allow it to be processed and if it is valid to get their amazing discounts. This service understands that students do not usually have a lot to work with in terms of budget and therefore they devised ways to make it easier for them. coupon codes are easy to use and can even go up to 20% in discounts.

This service grant discounts very generously. First, there is a first time discount for clients who make their first orders. They also offer holiday discounts during holiday seasons. Also, there is a referral discount that they provide to clients who refer their service to colleagues and friends. Such customers get discounts on their papers and their friends’ papers.

Great Bonus System and How It Works

One of the attributes that make a good service is their amazing bonus system. Apart from discounts and promotions, clients also enjoy bonuses with this service. This is used to reward the loyalty of customers. Bonuses, however, work differently from discounts. Bonuses are granted after the purchase of a paper or hiring the other services like rewriting, editing, or proofreading a paper. Bonuses from Custom are granted after clients place several orders. When a customer places subsequent orders, they enjoy bonus points that they can redeem when placing future orders. Bonus points cannot be accessed or redeemed for cash. They are used later on to pay for orders as they amount to real money. normally awards 5% bonuses for every subsequent order placed by a customer. This bonus will then be used to pay for part of a future order that the customer will make. Collect enough bonuses and clients can even pay for full orders using bonuses. This develops a good relationship with the service in the long term. Clients will also not have to use their Pay Pal or Visa accounts for every order. Their bonus system works very quickly and is updated in real time.

Safe and Reliable Methods of Payment reviews reveal that they have a flawless Payment system facilitated by safe and fast modes of payment. Custom writing ensures that clients are safe when acquiring their services. First, they do not have a cash system, and also they only use the widely known and trusted methods of payment. MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa are the three main ones they use. With these three, clients are well protected in that their data remains safe when making transactions. These methods are also very fast, and therefore they provide convenience even when a client is in a hurry. This service guarantees the security and privacy of the clients and also assures that unauthorized people will not access their accounts. With these methods of payment, a client can keep track of their transactions, and therefore they are protected in case there is a need for references. Payment methods such as PayPal also go further to protect clients from malicious services. They can help clients get their money back in cases where refunds become denied. Some services make promises they fail to deliver and then also deny clients refunds. PayPal helps clients get their money back in such a case.

Reasonable Refunds Policy

The company’s refund policy protects a client’s interests. Some services are problematic when it comes to providing refunds. They are usually stubborn when customers demand them. Sometimes clients might not get the work they paid for with these services. Revisions might also not be an option if the customers had close deadlines or the paper provided was of poor quality. When approached for refunds one might realize that they are always trying to find excuses for delay or any reason to deny the request. There have been reports of some of these malicious services forcing clients to have revisions for their papers instead of granting refunds. Moreover, after the free revision period ends they still try to make these clients pay for extra revisions. This must be very frustrating for clients.

Below is a Custom Writing UK review on how easily clients get their refunds. Custom provides a very smooth process when it comes to refunds. They accept when their writers have made a mistake and will grant refunds when necessary. Their refunds policy is lenient. A client will get a refund if the work produced does not meet the academic quality they specified. Also, if the writers fail to follow instructions in the work refunds will be granted. Also, if there is a cancellation or if a client fails to download their paper refund will be awarded.

Place Your Order to Verify

If this Custom Writing UK review has not been successful in convincing you that the service delivers on it promises, no worries. It is normal to be skeptical when it comes to selecting the right writing service for your paper. Some of these sites are usually just after a customer’s money without providing what they promised. Placing your order to see how it will be handled will provide confidence in the service, and therefore you will realize that you can trust them. Various reviews will support the decision to entrust your writing needs with their professionals. Therefore, place your order and make certain of their competence in fulfilling your order the right way. Take note of every step of the process of placing orders, the customer service, the payment methods and also the results in terms of the paper you receive. You will notice the ease of placing an order, their pocket-friendly prices, the professionalism of their writers and support staff, and the eloquently and excellently drafted papers. Place your order now and experience the finesse and prowess of Custom Writing UK.

Reasons to Select Their Service

So, Is fraud? No, they are reliable and a professional. Upon reading this Custom Writing UK review, you will realize that this service works for clients and ensures that their writing needs are well fulfilled. Therefore, let us take a recap on why this is the right service for you.

  • They are fast in writing and will ensure that you meet your deadlines.
  • They have well qualified professional writers who will ensure that clients get the best quality.
  • Their customer service is exceptional in making sure clients get the assistance they need within the least time possible.
  • An amazing refunds policy that protects the client.
  • Direct communication with writers to help provide better papers.

The service is thus reliable, and you can trust it for quality papers.