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Probably you’re here because you want to know about this site. Let me tell you that it’s a great site. I’m not just a random reviewer – I’m talking from experience. The writer at this site delivered my work way ahead of time, and I seriously don’t think anyone could’ve done more justice to it. Everything’s fair from essaycapital prices to policies.

About Essay Capital – Does It Satisfy Customers?

To get the answer to this question, you need to have a firm understanding of the company, including what it does, who uses it, and how it all happens. So let’s start with the first step – what is essaycapital? One thing is obvious that it’s a website. Since it’s a site, it operates through the medium of the Internet. So what does it do there? It has writers who craft essays. Those papers are bought by people. Who needs essays the most? The answer is students.

That leads us to the answer of the second question – who buys essays from this site? Most often, students from all sorts of grades, schools, and academic levels are the customers. If they have an essaycapital coupon, they get a discount. Otherwise, they have to pay the complete cost of work. However, to bring the value of work low and facilitate students in buying academic help from the site, it keeps offering different kinds of discounts randomly.

It doesn’t just write essays. Writers at the site solve complex questions, write poems and blogs, make posters, craft resumes, do the research work, and just anything that a customer requires them to do. So you might not be too sure on the answer to this question – is essay capital legit? Because probably you’ve just thought that the company does students’ work. But that’s not what the case is. Its essays, solutions, or papers are meant to be taken as guidelines.

Even if there were no academic help sites, students always had access to keys and books containing solutions. So whatever paper this site produces, a customer is supposed to take ideas from it and do his/her work to improve academic performance. So you can safely deem essay capital legit. If you read the terms and conditions section of the site, you’ll get a firmer understanding of this academic help source. The papers it writes to the customers are not meant to be copied or sold elsewhere and are meant for students’ guidance.

But there are so many academic help sites out there, how do I know that this site is good, tell me does essay capital work? Yes, it sure does! I am a witness of its quality of work because I got help with a research design over this website. My order was very difficult, but the writer did an excellent job. Likewise, the company satisfies hundreds, and sometimes thousands of customers every single week. If you are not sure whether the company is successful or not, just have a look at how people are talking about it.

Find online essay capital reviews and read them. I read some 120 such reviews and found people admiring this service all along. Users like the service for all kinds of elements including timely work, superb quality, staff’s politeness, and frequent discounts. Accordingly, the site is very popular among students from all over the world and from different academic levels.

Website Design Makes the Service Understandable and User-Friendly

Just have a look at the website, and you’ll be convinced that it does not essay capital fraud. Several features at the home page will set this impression of genuineness on you. Take Live Chat for example. Open it day time, and you instantly get connected to an administrator. Open it any time during the night, and again there’s someone present to take your call. They work 24/7, and that’s how powerful their communication channel is.

Essaycapital is it reliable? If you read the stats on the site, you’ll tell me yourself that it sure is reliable. There are 977 native writers. I’ve read the particulars of tens of websites and haven’t found a team of native writers this large with any other site. Then the site says that it has completed 40506 works to date. That’s a pretty high number too. It has addressed the needs of 12758 customers till now and with the hard work of its writers, has managed to have a customer retention rate of 86%. All these states are impressive for sure.

The design makes all content well-arranged, and a customer can easily locate any information he/she wants. There are separate sections and pages for tips and guidelines for writing different kinds of essays, which is an important reason why the company has a very high essaycapital rating. Some of the essay types the website offers tips for include:

  • Child essay
  • Drama essay
  • Definition essay
  • Career essay
  • Sexism essay
  • Transport essay

And the list goes on. Everything from the ordering process to reasons for selecting this site and guarantees is there on the home page. You just have to scroll down to find the relevant information. Even if you want to read essay capital reviews, they are located right there on the home page.

Here’s Why I Know So Much About Essay Capital Company

Seeing such a useful review, you might have a question for me in your mind – how do you know so much about this site? I can write this lengthy and extremely informative review for essaycapital because not only have I studied it and read all its texts, but have also tried it out myself by getting help with an order.

Here are my order’s details. It was a 5-page order in which I had asked the writer to make a research design for my chosen research title. The topic was ‘factors affecting the productivity of nurses in clinical settings.’ The writer was supposed to follow the Harvard writing style and incorporate high-quality academic references to support the research design. I offered the writer 24 hours to do this work.

I got it in my email in 5 hours only. The research design was errorless and was approved by my supervisor in the first attempt. Fast service, useful content, and complete adherence to client’s requirements are some of the many reasons why we read so many good reviews on essay capital. I’ve seen the work of many writers, but this one was definitely the best.

Learn How to Place Order in Less Than 5 Minutes

One reason why many customers find essaycapital safe is that they don’t have to go through any hassle while placing the order. The link is right at the top of the home page. There are four auto-filled fields namely the type of work, deadline, academic level, and several pages. Based on what information you enter in these fields, the site calculates your order’s price. If you don’t insert anything in these four cells, they are automatically filled up anyway, so you’ll always see a default price.

Once you click the ‘order now’ button, it takes you to the next page where you find more cells for specific instructions of your order. I’ve gone through the ordering processes of many academic websites, but I find the process of essaycapital services the simplest. The reason is that the page you are taken to upon clicking the ‘order now’ button has everything in it. There are no further steps.

You complete the cells and preview your order for payment. Any extra services such as the assignment of the top writer, VIP support, SMS update, and plagiarism report are shown on the same page as options that you can check or uncheck depending upon your preference. While making the payment for your order, you may use essay capital discount code so that you are charged a lower price.

Completing this form is all you need to do. After that, the work of the administrators starts. They read the customer’s instructions and assess who in their writers’ team fits the job requirements best. The order is assigned to that particular writer. You may talk to him/her through the medium of the message board. The writer finishes the work, submits to quality assurance department for review, and you get it by the time you’ve paid for.

Writers of This Service Are Exceptionally Nice

In many essaycapital testimonials, I’ve read praise of the customers for the editors and authors of this company. Regardless of the level of difficulty of a paper or the urgency of the deadline, the site always has some writer to take care of the job. The reason is that it has employed a very high number of writers. As I said before, I’ve not seen 977 native writers all in one place before this website.

Each one of the essay capital writers is selected after going through a multi-staged evaluation system. Candidates’ knowledge, power of expression, and vocabulary are checked along with their grammar. They have to write essays in a short period because the company is interested in checking their speed of writing as well.

Only after satisfying the hiring committee at all levels does an applicant join this prestigious organization. Writers are not only highly skilled but also trained to deal with the customers in the best possible manner. They work under pressure but don’t lose their mind, so you’ll always find them speaking gently and politely to you. This has a vital role in the successful completion of a task because both the writer and the customer remain calm.

You Are Allowed to Have Free Modification in Your File

If you think your work needs to be modified, there’s no need to panic at all. The site gives you two weeks for getting files less than 20 pages or equal to them whereas you get a full month for the revision of longer files. I’ve not seen an essaycapital review expressing discontent with these periods. Please note that revisions are only entirely made for free within the said revision periods. If that time passes, the company closes the case thinking that the customer is satisfied.

The Entire Service of Essay Capital Is Totally Plagiarism Free

No customers complain of copywriting frauds or cheating in any way. The company tells the readers of the website content that originality of content is guaranteed. I’ve not read any essaycapital review about plagiarism. It can safely be assumed that the reason is that the company doesn’t submit plagiarized work.

The writers are obliged to agree that they won’t ever commit plagiarism. The company limits the allowable percentage of plagiarism to zero. Therefore, as soon as an author does the work, the file is sent to the department of quality assurance. The staff assumes the responsibility to confirm that every sentence in the file is original and does not exist anywhere else as such. So they not only check the file sentence by sentence over the search engine but also paste the entire content in a plagiarism checker software or tool.

In some essay capital reviews, I learned that while the customers had allowed nearly 5% plagiarism, the writers kept it to zero. Plagiarizing authors are imposed heavy fines upon, and the price of the order may even go in negative as a result. So nobody from the writers’ department has a motivation to produce copied content.

Efficient Communication and On-Time Customer Service

The website employs a team of customer service agents who stay available for service users all the time. Day or night, busy season or holiday times, you can talk to the administrators whenever and from wherever you want. There’s the company’s phone number on the main page as well as the live chat feature for you.

When I was about to use the service, I read on the main page that customers can use essay capital coupon codes. Since I didn’t have any at that time and wanted to get one, I asked the customer service agent to let me know where I can get one. She told me that I had already qualified for a 15% concession. Her manner of talking was excellent, and she was willing to assist me with order placement too.

I’ve also observed how professionally they deal with both writers and customers over the message board. They stay calm and cool at all times, and their efforts are directed at problem resolution. The staff is trained to stay to the point and focus on addressing the issues at hand. That’s why I give essaycapital customer service 100% marks in my evaluation.

Testimonials of Essay Capital Users Provide Evidence for High Quality

The website has a very high rate of customer satisfaction – its as high as 95%. In my attempt to find out the popular opinion of users about this website, I read the site’s reviews as well as feedback of past clients shared on other platforms. A total of 120 reviews led me to the conclusion that this site provides a satisfying experience to users. Every aspect ranging from essay capital support to work’s quality is liked and appreciated by the customers.

The reviews you see on the site are factual. Each of them contains the ID of the customer who left the review, the writer’s ID who did that customer’s work, the date the review was made, and of course star rating. You’ll find all 5-star rated reviews on the website. One of the most favorable and wanted aspects of the service that most testimonials mention are essaycapital discounts. They are so many that it starts to feel that the company is looking for opportunities and ways to offer the users concessions. Next time you visit the site, you might see my review shown on the website too.

Your Confidentiality Is Maintained Under All Circumstances

Is essaycapital reliable for sharing personal details? I understand that as you place an order on the site, you are required to share your personal data. That includes not only your contact information, name, and email, but also your credit card information. But there’s no need to worry because the company guarantees complete privacy.

It promises the customers that their information won’t be disclosed to anyone for any purpose. There’s just one case in which the site rightly has the right to share information, and that’s when a client commits fraud or scam and misuses the credit or debit card. The website is ethically as well as logically obliged to cooperate with the relevant financial authorities so they can investigate the matter and determine who’s the culprit.

Is essay capital trustworthy regarding orders? Yes, don’t worry because you won’t ever be delivered an order that has been written for someone else before you. The website mentions that none of its content can be copied or used anywhere else. Taking help from this source, you can rest assured that the company is just concerned with serving you in the best manner because that’s how it does business.

Now the Most Awaited Thing – Essay Capital Prices Review

I know this is one thing you might have been eagerly awaiting since the very beginning of the interview. Honestly, money is a major concern in the use of this service because customers who are students have a minimal budget. So if the prices are high, it’s a big turn off even if the quality of work is supreme.

Being fair, I need to share that prices aren’t the cheapest. They are pretty much the same as most other companies. But the site offers so many ways to make it low. From discounts to bonuses and essay capital promo codes, most customers can use some kind of concession in every order they place.

Prices are dictated by a multitude of elements, most important of them being the work’s required academic level, type, deadline, and several pages. Difficult orders cost more than easy ones. So expect the cost of a research paper to be more than that of an essay. Likewise, the price of high-school level work is lesser than that of college-level work. Revisions are free though within their periods. Please note that if you come back for modification after the expiry of revision time, you’ll bear a cost.

Essay Capital Promo Code – Its Basic Concept

Essaycapital promo code is essentially another discount type or way. There’s no hard and fast rule for qualifying for promo codes, and the site chooses customers randomly to offer them the code. A promo code is usually emailed to the clients individually.

The site mostly offers promo codes when its an important time of year. That includes Christmas, Easter, and such other occasions. That’s a time for celebration for most customers, and the website also wants to provide the customers with something new and delightful, so promo codes are granted.

There was this essaycapital review somewhere on the Internet in which the customer gained a promo code during the Easter holidays. He had got the offer in an email. To avail it, he just had to enter it while filling out the form of instructions. The company takes pride in facilitating the clients and providing them with reasons after reasons to use the service again and again.

If you’ve been a regular customer and didn’t receive a promo code so far, its time, you check it out with the customer services. You may get one emailed to you right then – you never know!

Bonus System Works in Favor of the Site Users

This company offers a bonus on every order you place. It starts with the reservation of a portion of the total price of the order as account balance. You’ll easily find essay capital reviews with customers’ utmost satisfaction with the bonus system. When you first see the price of your order calculated by the site, you might think it’s high. But when you apply the discount and bonus on it, that’s when you arrive at the real price of work.

Here’s how it goes – subtract the discount you get from the total order’s price. Calculate 10% of the remaining price – that’s what gets deposited in your account as bonus balance. The first time you get 10% balance and with every subsequent order, the percentage becomes 5% of the price of work minus any credits or discounts.

In one essaycapital review, I read that the customer had got the site another customer. As the person convinced by him used the site, the recommender got $50 as a bonus in his account because the order of the referral was worth $80. The company calls it a ‘referral program.’ Many customers get substantial bonus amounts through this program.

You’ll Find All Payment Methods Here That You Like

While there are many methods of payment used in day to day transactions, some methods are more popular and considered safer compared to the others. If a service provides safe methods of payment, it can be fully trusted. Luckily, all means suggested or offered by this site are fully secure which is another reason why I call essay capital a good service.

One of them is the MasterCard facility. You have it activated on your bank card, haven’t you? Even if you’ve not got it, probably your father or mother has. You can also use their card with their consent. Just make sure there’s no fraud or cheating involved because if there is, the company will cooperate with the bank for investigation. If you are allowed to use the card, you sure can.

Another facility is Visa. Most customers holding a debit card have it activated on it. Even if you don’t have that, you probably have a PayPal account for sure. So you can use that to pay your order’s price. I read an essaycapital review that was about the use of PayPal for payment. The customer liked the transparency and efficiency of payment processing.

This Site Offers a Refund Every Time a Customer Deserves It

In certain cases, a client may request or qualify for a refund. One such situation is cancelation of the order from the company’s side. I couldn’t find any refunds’ related essaycapital review. Nevertheless, the company has a policy for a refund.

If half the time since the start of the order till its deadline is gone, and the company cancels an order, you have two ways to get a refund – in the first; you may get 30% money deposited in your bank account that’ll be done in minimum 5 or maximum seven days. The second option is to have 100% of the funds stored in your balance with the company. Later, when you place more orders, this money can be utilized.

I did try to locate some essay capital reviews on this issue, but I think such cases are very less or negligible that’s why the reviews aren’t there. Anyway, its mentioned in the terms and conditions that if a customer’s writer fails to address revision instructions, the customer may get a refund if the department of quality assurance approves it. But if you are not satisfied, don’t wait for asking refund because you’ll not get it after completion of the revision period.

Get the Best Idea of Quality by Getting Help Yourself

If you want to ultimately find out essay capital reliable yourself, it’s imperative that you try it out. You need to get the help as soon as possible to be able to order help with a longer deadline because that’s one tried and tested way of making the service cheaper. Ordering early is anyway safer because that buys you sufficient time for modification of work if you determine its need.

Just make sure that the demands or requirements of the order you place are clear. They should include everything you want in the paper. Please note that later, just in case you want the quality assurance department to review the order for completeness and adherence to your instructions, the department will establish your requirements as the baseline. So you don’t want to have any important thing left out.

And don’t be confused at all about unfair treatment. As I’ve elaborated before, you can’t call essay capital scam. You’ll be treated fairly, and all your requests will be timely addressed. Your prompt responses to the writer are also critical, so try to remain in contact with him/her as he/she writes.

Select Essay Capital for Its the Best Educational Help in the US

While there are myriad of reasons to only go for this company, I can point out the three most significant ones. These are the qualities unanimously experienced by all customers of the company. Choose the service for it offers:

  • Fair policies.
  • Discounted rates.
  • Efficient communication.

You should be sure that each detail of your instructions will be kept in mind and respected as the paper is written. That’s the confidence that thousands of students have chosen essaycapital writing for. My analysis makes me confidently suggest you to use this site. Place order there.