An All-inclusive Essay Company Review 2019: All You Need to Know About Essay Company

Essay Company is an online-based custom paper writing service whose primary purpose is to make the academic life of students an enjoyable by lifting the essay writing burden from their shoulders. On my first visit to the Essay Company website, I was connected to the hundreds of the available qualified writers. As a customer, I had the freedom to choose a writer of my preference out of the 300 available ones. My visit to the revealed to be a true student companion ready and willing to help students to improve their writing.

Through Essay Company website, the service makes sure that all orders are assigned to the most suitable writers, most of whom are qualified professionals in their respective fields. From my experience using this service and the high-quality services that I received, I would recommend this service to any student who might be having doubts whether with Essay Company a good service is guaranteed. I can confidently advise any student with difficulties in writing bibliographies, lab reports, book reports, dissertations or research papers, to entrust this service with their work. The writers are well-trained, especially in using professional referencing formats and credible sources. Needless to mention, the writers follow the customer’s instructions.

At Essay Company, a customer is guaranteed to receive high quality, but inexpensive services delivered punctually. Additionally, customers are guaranteed of getting premium and professional writers and researchers in a variety of fields. Customers can also receive reports of plagiarism if they request for them. The work delivered by Essay-Company writers is well referenced and punctually submitted. Moreover, the service’s support team is readily available at any time of the day. The life of a college student is characterized by the need to handle large amounts of school work. As a result, most students have a tight schedule and would be delighted to get a service that can help them with their school work and do so punctually. Any Essay Company review won’t fail to mention the writers’ quickness in writing high-quality papers and submitting them in time for the students to assimilate the content before turning in the work.

All the Essay Company services do not have visibility on search engines after they are submitted to the customers. This implies once the student provides their work, it is not traceable back to the website. This helps students to avoid penalties associated with plagiarism. The company’s policy against re-selling of papers ensures that a single order cannot be submitted to more than one client. The no-resell system aids greatly in reducing plagiarism cases. Essay-Company reviews cite this service as a custom paper writing service. It means that all papers ordered by customers are written from scratch and written according to the paper’s unique specifications. The work done by writers on this service is best used as a model for writing one’s paper, as a guide for citing references, or for further and extensive research into a particular subject.

The Design and User-friendliness of the Essay Company Website

The safe to use website also packs numerous features that enable for ease of maneuvering through the website. The site is, arguably, one of the most user-friendly in the entire writing industry. The form for filling out order details when ordering is detailed but uncomplicated. I prefer using websites that look simple but get the work done as opposed to using websites that look extremely complicated to navigate to the extent that the user cannot get anything done. This website’s simplicity helps save the visitors’ time since everything is accessible from the homepage and thus the visitor does not waste time trying to navigate to a given section. As a struggling student seeking for writing help, the essence of visiting a writing service’s website is to save time, and this website offers exactly that.

Any Essay-Company review available does not fail to mention one of the website’s most noticeable feature- the order price calculator. It is on the ‘Prices’ page of the website. The calculator aids customers to calculate the approximate price of their order before ordering. The form order is another feature that is worth noting. With the order form, customers can select their subject of interest and the exact kind of writing help they need in that subject. By using the order form, the customer can choose the level of paper that they need. The levels of paper writing provided by the writers include the college level, high school level, master’s level, undergraduate papers, and Ph.D. level papers. Also, customers have the option of selecting the deadline for their paper. Finally, the client is free to indicate the number of pages or the exact word count that they require for their paper. With this information, the price of the order is calculated and displayed to the customer.

An Essay Company Review of the Services Provided by the Company

A simple search on Google will lead a prospective client to the Essay Company website. The website’s landing page is comprehensive enough to guide a new user through all the services provided by the company. From the drop-down menu of the services provided by the company, a user is free to choose any of their interest. The services on offer are displayed as a list on the website’s footer or a drop-down menu from the website’s menu bar located at the top center of the landing page. The services offered by Essay Company include custom essay writing, article writing, writing of Ph.D. dissertations, writing proposals for dissertations, proofreading, and editing. Nevertheless, the company’s services are not limited to those mentioned above only. Customers can get writing help in virtually any academic area; all they have to do is contact the company’s customer support to request for their desired service.

My personal experience with using Essay Company has been a great one. Before I became a regular client to the service, I took my time to examine the company’s services. All the orders that I received from this service were of great quality. My experience with Essay Company is incomparable to any other service that I have used before for my assignment needs. A majority of the custom essay writing services are completely ignorant of or negligent to the needs of the customers. Numerous Essay Company reviews can, however, concur with me that Essay Company places the needs of the clients first over profitability. The Essay Company’s prioritization of the customers’ needs should also answer questions such as, “is Essay Company legit?” or “is Essay-Company reliable?”

The Procedure for Placing an Order

The process of placing an order on Essay Company is uncomplicated and straightforward. Almost all reviews praise the service’s easy order placement process. At the top-right corner of the website, there is an “Order Now” button that when clicked, redirects the customer to the website page with the order form. The button is placed strategically where it can be easily seen by customers. The procedure for placing an order entails the following steps:

  • Completing the order form and indicating the type of paper and level of work the client needs.
  • Making the approximate order price calculation by using the order price calculator and the paying for the order.
  • After paying for the order, a client account is created automatically, and the client is sent the details for logging in to their account.
  • The most suitable writer to handle the order is assigned to work on it.
  • The client can then post further instructions and even upload additional files if needed.
  • On the stipulated due date, the client should log in to their account and download their complete paper.

Each of the steps mentioned above sequentially leads to the subsequent step. The simple nature of this process of ordering is further enhanced by the single requirement of customers submitting their email for account creation during ordering. There’s no long, complicated and tedious process to set up a client account. The rest of the fields shown during the creation of an account are indicated, and the customer only needs to select the right ones.

The Process of Hiring Writers

This review would not be complete without reviewing the company’s writers. The Essay-Company has a team of hundreds of highly-qualified writers in a variety of fields. Papers from the essay company are written in a language that is simple to understand but still covers the entire subject comprehensively. The premium class writers on this service write persuasively. For instance, a paper submitted to one of my friends from a writer on this service was coherently written. The writers used short but strong sentences with simple words, easy to comprehend but which expressed their ideas coherently. From the impeccable work done by these writers, it is evident that the company invests in acquiring the best writers.

Moreover, the writers on Essay Company are well-trained to handle every order and situation professionally. Once in a while, conflicts may arise between the writers and the clients. Since some of the conflicts are virtually inevitable, it is crucial for the parties involved to understand how to deal with such situations effectively. Professionalism and communication skills play an integral role in preventing escalations of such issues. This is where the professionalism of the writers comes in. Before the writers are selected, the support team and the quality assurance department of the service subjects all the prospective writers to rigorous testing and vetting just to make sure that only the best are hired.

The Company’s Policy on Making Changes to an Already Completed Order

A considerable percentage of clients might have genuine concerns such as “What is policy of making changes to an already completed order?” or “Is reliable as all Essay-Company reviews claim?” Well, all customers can be assured of getting reliable services from our service. Even when the services offered by our writers don’t seem satisfactory in the first round, the writers are willing to revise the work until the customer is totally satisfied with the results. To get one’s work revised is even easier than placing the initial order. All the customer has to do is indicate that they need a revision on a given particular order in a message sent to the customer support. The customer has to clearly describe what kind of revisions they would like done to their order or how they expect their final paper to look like. The customer support will then alert the writer to handle the revision according to the customer’s instructions. What is even more interesting is the fact that all the revisions are handled at no extra cost to the customer.

Making revisions to already completed work is a simple, transparent process for customers working with Essay Company. Revisions are usually not necessarily minor changes requested by unsatisfied clients but might also entail a considerable change in the instructions for the paper. The company’s writers understand well that sometimes the students’ instructors or faculty might make a substantial change in the papers’ instructions and thus necessitating the revisions.

Does Essay Company Work Come Plagiarism Free?

The support team sees to it that all the work delivered to the customers is free of plagiarism. The plagiarism-free work is usually achieved by the company’s quality assurance department and the editorial team screening all the work in plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin and Copyscape. This plagiarism detection software checks the originality of the work by checking online for any source with similar content as the work.

Clients seeking for essay writing assistance from online writing services are at a high risk of acquiring papers that have been used before by other clients. This implies that the papers they receive will not pass the plagiarism test. In case a paper is resold to a writer, the quality assurance department can easily identify that and ensure that changes are made to work. The Essay Company anti-plagiarism policy is effective in eliminating possibly grave consequences of submitting plagiarized work by the students. Students would appreciate the quality of writing since writers generate unique content and do not reproduce work that they have previously done for other clients.

The Legit Communication and Customer Service is Admirable

The Essay Company provides round-the-clock communication services whereby the customers or the writers can freely contact the support team. The company has a multichannel communication platform; that is, the writers and clients can contact the support team in a variety of ways. The channels of communication provided by the service include texting through the phone number provided on the website, initiating a live chat through the website’s inbuilt chat option, calling the support through the company’s phone number or sending an email. On signing in to their customer accounts, customers can easily initiate a conversation with the support team and the writers through the company’s message board on the website. This feature is extremely significant since customers can easily keep up with the progress of the writers on their orders.

The Essay Company customer service department guarantees efficient communication and resolution of any of the customers’ issues. The customer service agents are courteous, patient, and extremely knowledgeable on how to handle various customer service issues. I have had the opportunity of speaking to approximately ten customer service agents before, and all of them demonstrated a great level of maturity and professionalism. The level of professionalism that was exhibited by these agents was impossible to invent; it was something that they had learned well. I am certain that any other Essay Company review has nothing but praise for the team of professionals in this service.

What Essay Company Testimonials from Customers Say About the Company

The Essay-Company rating by most customers is splendid. The company has a high completion rate of orders. Further, the company’s customers indicate total satisfaction of the work that they receive from the service. The statistics of completed orders and the total number of clients served by the service are enviable. The claims of keeping their clients happy and satisfied are nowhere near false. These claims can be substantiated by the real-time testimonials of customers who have been previously served by the company. If anything, the testimonials should answer the questions of numerous doubtful but prospective customers such as, “I would like to order my paper from Essay-Company is it reliable?”

On reading through other reviews and customer testimonials, I realized that a majority of the customers were, especially, appreciative of two aspects of the company’s reliable service. First, the customers indicate that they loved the premium quality of content that they received. The work submitted by the Essay Company writers was of top-notch quality. Also, customers noted that they liked the entire team’s professionalism; from the writers to the customer service department. To dispel any presumptuous assumptions such as, “with Essay Company scam services are all a customer will get,” the customers indicate clearly that the this company’s services are the best they ever had.

The Essay Company’s Policy on Confidentiality of Customer Information

Instances of internet users having their personal information stolen and misappropriated are not uncommon. With the rapid advancement in technology, especially web 2.0, online fraud has also become extremely prevalent. This has contributed to the rising fear in customers readily sharing their information and wondering if the Essay Company fraud policy can protect them from falling victim to online fraudsters.

First, it is important to make it clear that Essay Company discourages fraud in any form. Any party found guilty of taking part in fraudulent activities within the company’s jurisdiction is summarily dismissed, and all their activities with the company terminated without any prospects of appealing that decision. This anti-fraud policy applies to all parties associated with the Essay Company. Besides, the company protects the customers’ and writers’ personal information from unauthorized access. In no way or form does the company exchange the confidential information of its clients with third parties for financial gain or to obtain other favors. All the confidential information that customers and writers share with the company is treated as such; confidential. With that being said, prospective customers and aspiring writers who would want the opportunity of working with Essay Company should be assured of the fact that their personal information is securely protected from any unauthorized access.

A Comprehensive Essay-Company Prices Review

The Essay Company prices are among the most affordable in the entire essay writing industry. The Essay Company understands well that a majority if not all of its clients are struggling students who cannot afford to pay one more extra dollar on the services. The Essay Company, therefore, strives to offer inexpensive writing services yet still high-quality. Multiple reviews on Essay-Company assert that the service is, undeniably, the most affordable in the market and they do all this without a single compromise on the quality of the Essay-Company services offered.

A huge proportion of essays ordered by customers are paper for undergraduate students. A majority of clients typically ask their papers to be completed in approximately ten days. Characteristically, the papers requested by most undergraduate students are two pages long. Based on the Essay Company price estimation calculator, the cost of a paper like the one described would average around $30. This price applies only to basic paper writing without taking into account technical nitty-gritty. In case a customer needs help with completing a technical paper, the average price is slightly more than those above because of the amount of work that goes into completing a technical paper.

How to Use the Promo Code

In the custom essay writing industry, great service quality is only obtainable by paying ridiculously high for it. However, at Essay Company, they understand how to effectively integrate premium quality and inexpensive prices to make their services affordable to clients from all walks of life. The company also understands that most clients, who are students, are struggling and living on a shoe-string budget and hence cannot afford to part with large amounts of money for the essay services. To make their services even more affordable, the company offers its new clients and loyal customers with promos. Using an promo code allows a customer to get some percentage of the total cost off their order.

A combination of the Essay Company promo codes and the services low pricing of orders leads to a final price that is much lower than the industry average. coupon codes available for use by new clients apply to the clients’ total amount of their debutant order. This order could be anything from a research proposal to a Ph.D. dissertation. The client is free to combine all the services requested in their first order before applying the Essay-Company coupon. I am certain of the fact that this is not the only Essay-Company review that considers the Essay Company’s promos as being generous.

How the Essay-Company Discount Code and Bonus System Works discounts are extremely easy to understand how they work. Using the company’s bonus system is straightforward and uncomplicated as well. For eligibility of the company’s bonuses and promos, the customer has first to create a client account. Creation of the customer account is as simple as just filling in a web form asking a few questions on the customer’s information. After creating an account, an email of confirmation is sent to the provided email address. After clicking on the link and confirming the email address, the account is then activated and ready for use by the customer.

On signing up, the customer can then proceed to place their orders by signing in to their account. The bonus codes and promos mentioned above are usually applicable to first orders by new clients. After filling out the order details, the customer is free to apply the discount code and get a percentage of the order’s cost off their first order. If a customer runs into difficulties while trying to use their discount codes, they can always contact the customer service team for help.

An Objective Review for Essay Company Payment Methods

Essay Company offers a variety of payment options to its customers. Among the payment options are MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. The Essay Company services are pay-for-use, and such customers would like to have a guarantee that their credit card information is secure and treated with utmost privacy. The company has done impeccable work in enhancing the security of the payment gateways. The secure payment gateways give customers the confidence that their process of paying for orders cannot be infiltrated by fraudsters. To answer the frequently asked question, “Is trustworthy?” the simple answer to this is yes. The collaboration between Essay Company and renowned and reputable global companies such as Visa and MasterCard has enabled the company to reinforce the security of its payment procedure.

With the availability of these trustable payment modes, it is easy for users to track their payments or invoices in case the need for them arises in the future. It is important to mention that Essay Company has no rules or policies that tie its customers to just a single mode of payment out of all the available means of payment. The client is free to use any means of payment that they deem fit for them.

The Essay Company Fair Refund Policy

The Essay Company customer support team see to it that clients get value for their money. Cases of some custom essay writing companies denying their clients refunds, even when it is clear that the work submitted is poor-quality, are not uncommon. Such companies often insist on having ordered on revision, and once the order revision limit is exceeded, the customers have to pay more for the orders to be revised or pay afresh for the work. With Essay Company, this is not the case. The company has an honest policy on refunds whereby the client gets a refund when the work quality is considerably lower than average. Revisions are only done to orders that have minor mistakes.

Place your Order to Check for Yourself the Company’s Premium Quality Services

To completely understand how the Essay Company works and realize the full benefits, it is crucial to place your order. You will be amazed by the company’s premium quality services provided at affordable costs. Additionally, you can be assured of dealing with professional individuals who value your satisfaction more than anything.

Your experience using Essay Company will be nothing short of well-ordered services, professional handling of issues, enhanced privacy of your sensitive information and guaranteed confidentiality of your private information. A customer gets all those mentioned above at greatly reduced prices. Students do not have to struggle with their school work anymore knowing that they can easily get top-notch quality services from Essay Company. All they have to do is place an order and enjoy the best quality of writing services.

More Reasons to Choose over other Services

Below is a recap of the reasons why customers should choose this service over any other:

  • The work is always delivered punctually
  • The quality of services provided by this company is incomparable to the rest of the companies in the industry
  • The company guarantees their clients of keeping their information confidential
  • The work submitted by the writers on this service is free of plagiarism

That being said, there’s no reason for a student not to place their order on this service. All you have to do is to get your work done in one click away. By clicking on the “Order Now” button, you’re halfway to having your paper completed.