Here’s a Balanced and Informative Expert writers Review 2019

At one point in your student life, you will need to submit an assignment as part of your coursework. In fact, there will be numerous projects, ranging in terms of complexity and instructions. Although you may have successfully worked on some projects in the past, there are bound to be times when you will need help. Thanks to online writing services like Expert Writers, it is now possible to get fast and reliable writing help. However, it helps to note that not every website that claims to assist with assignments is legitimate. The goal of this expert writer review is to help you in making an informed choice by assessing the important aspects that make writing services reliable and safe. We hope that, by reading this balanced and objective analysis, you will be able to get a clear picture of the agency and access the best possible online writing help.

About Expert Writers | Is Expert Writers a Good Service?

Before we start, what is an expert writer service? The sheer number of websites and individuals claiming to help with assignments online can be confusing, particularly if you are seeking such services for the first time. So, as part of our expert writers reviews, we need to consider whether the company is dependable. The agency advertises itself as a reliable provider of high-quality writing and editing assistance. Based on the numerous positive feedbacks from customers on the website, it is safe to assume that service works. The company also claims to offer help with a wide range of assignments at affordable rates.

The company has been in the business of helping students with complicated projects for about ten years. It claims to have helped close to ten thousand learners during this period. The goal, as outlined on the website, is to become the most competent and unique online academic help service.

Since we did not want to take their word for it, we decided, for this expert writer review to place our own order and get a feel of the customer experience. The process was generally smooth, and our paper arrived well-before the agreed deadline. So, to answer the question of — does expert writers work? — our answer is yes. Read the rest of this review to find out more.

The Design, Usability, and Appeal of the Company Website

An important aspect of any reliable writing service should be in the professional appearance of its website. Remember, the company website is the main, and often the only, point of contact with its customers. As such, the amount of work and detail dedicated to this aspect of the business is an indicator of how serious the agency is with its long-term reputation. You cannot trust a service with a shabby-looking webpage.

Online companies like Essay Writer depend entirely on their webpages to realize their commercial and sustainability goals. In other words, customers looking for writing help will rely on the information provided to make judgments on the service’s appeal. If they consider the site usable, the user will then proceed to engage the services.

Overall Essay Writer has a relatively well-designed website, showcasing the various features straight from the home page. The page does an amazing job of showcasing the various elements on offer as well as the services provided. Whatever information you need, you can easily locate it on the company website and place your order as fast as possible. We particularly loved the fact that there was a price calculator to assist users with estimations of costs before placing orders. In addition, the appearance of the page was also relatively modern, created to appeal to the young generation. The aesthetic appeal was complemented by amazing functionality as the designer used images selectively and carefully to assist with processing information. The creative design also permits relatively fast load times, which can come in handy when your deadline is fast approaching or when you need immediate feedback.

What Is the Range of Expert Writer Services?

Students encounter a wide range of challenges with their assignments. From problems with simple essay writing to more complex projects like theses and dissertations. As such, we found it useful to check the range of services provided by the company.

On the Expert Writer website, the firm indicates that it offers help with all forms of writing challenges, including research, outlining, drafting, editing, and proofreading. If, for instance, you encounter a project that requires the use of a complex mind mapping or data analysis tool like SPSS or STATA, then this is the right company to talk to. There are also additional services on offer, including help with resumes, cover letters, and admission essays. Here are some of the services advertised on the company website:

  • Coursework writing help:
  • Help will all types of essays;
  • PowerPoint help;
  • Research proposal writing;
  • Literature reviews;
  • Dissertation and thesis help.

How Easy Is It to Order from Expert Writer Safe?

Time is a precious resource for students. Often, you will find that there is just too much to do and not enough time. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why students look for professional assignment help in the first place. You should not waste the little time you have going through unnecessarily complicated ordering processes.

The ordering process outlined on the Expert Writer website is incredibly simple and does not ask the customer to sign up before placing an order. Here are the three steps indicated:

  • The client fills out an order form, giving out the details of his or her assignment;
  • Payment is made, and a top writer is assigned to work on the task;
  • The customer gets to download a completed draft.

Of course, to ensure that these promises are legit, and to deliver an informed and balanced expert writer review, we decided to get a feel of the process by placing an order for a custom paper. The assignment, a six-page biology literature review, needed to be completed in three days. From our experience, the ordering process was surprisingly simple and fast. We were able to find all the information we needed on the homepage and did not have to provide any more details than was necessary. Within a few minutes, a writer had been assigned to work on our project, and we were told to relax and wait for the finished product.

So, is Expert Writer reliable? The answer is an astounding yes, especially if you need assistance with an urgent order, and don’t want to stress about possible delays in delivery. Each step of the ordering process logically leads to the next, and there are no stressful navigations.

Are Expert Writers Writers Competent?

To complete a balanced expert writer review, we also considered the competence and academic qualifications of their professionals. Whatever the challenge you are facing with your assignment, writer attribute is the most important factor that will determine the success of your undertaking. You need to work with someone who has at least the right academic qualifications to write at your level. For instance, a masters-level psychology paper ought to be completed by someone who has a masters or Ph.D. in psychology. It also helps if the professional has extensive experience with similar projects.

Generally, students are advised to conduct meticulous background checks on individual writers to make sure that they do not end up with quacks. However, the process of reading through testimonials and portfolios can be time-consuming, without a guarantee that you will be able to differentiate the legitimate service from the quack. You don’t have to worry about that when you work with Expert Writers.

Unlike most expert writers reviews, we actually took time to interact through chat with some of the writers, and we must say — they were impressive. The company indicates on its website that it only hires native experts with masters and Ph.D. degrees. The competence was clearly evident in the quality of work that was delivered when we placed our order. We did not even need to ask for a revision, which we were told is provided for free.

What Is the Policy on Making Changes into a Completed Work?

While every writing company claims to deliver top-notch work, the truth is that even the most competent professionals can make mistakes every once in a while. Maybe the writer has included some information that you wish eliminated or left out some crucial details. Whatever the case, it helps if the service allows customers to work towards perfecting the document in collaboration with the writer.

In an attempt to find an answer to the question — is expert writers legit? — we set out to establish whether the service offers free revisions as indicated on the website. Although our paper was exceptionally written the first time, we inquired from the support team whether it was possible for some aspects of the work to be edited. The answer was affirmative. The agent reassured us that the writer is only done with a paper once a customer is completely satisfied.

Expert Writer Is It Reliable and Plagiarism Free?

As technology continues to revolutionize the way people access and share information, issues revolving around academic integrity become ever more important. Of particular note, is the importance placed by institutions and instructors on originality of written assignments. You will be expected to prove that the ideas in your work are your own, and have not been borrowed, whether verbatim or paraphrased.

Expert writers legit service pledges to deliver custom written work for each order. We were particularly impressed by the offer to check our paper for plagiarism using Copyscape — at no extra cost. The work delivered was 100 percent plagiarism free, and each source used to support arguments in the document was accurately cited.

What About Expert Writer Customer Service and Communication?

The secret to a truly custom-written paper is effective communication. The writer and the customer need to be in constant contact, asking for updates and providing feedback. A top writing service should also have mechanisms for arbitration and dispute resolution in the event of a disagreement between the client and the writer.

On its website, Expert Writers indicates that it has responsive customer support agents, who work 24/7 to make sure that students from different parts of the word order custom help seamlessly. To eliminate any worries of possible expert writers fraud, we had to test for ourselves to see whether this claim was true or just mere rhetoric. We sent a simple request asking for information on whether we could get a free outline if we ordered a six-page paperThe response was instantaneous. The customer support representative took us through the ordering process and was always ready to respond to our concerns and questions. We also loved the fact that we were able to communicate directly with the writer working on the project.

What About Expert Writer Testimonials from Clients?

One way to judge the competence of online writing service is by reading through the testimonials offered by previous customers. From them, you can be able to predict your own experiences and make a decision on whether to place an order or not. Expert Writers posts all kind of testimonials on its website, both positive and negative.

As part of our expert writer review exercise, we read through some of the testimonials and feedback, both the ones posted on the company website and those we found online. Most people had good things to say about the services delivered, with some indicating that they were able to get quality work in a couple of hours. Only one of the testimonials gave less than a perfect score, with the person indicating that two revisions were needed to complete a perfect draft. Again this speaks to the collaborative nature of the service delivered.

Confidentiality and Privacy | Is Expert Writers Reliable?

Given the sensitive nature of online academic writing, issues revolving around confidentiality are critical. It helps to know that the company you trust with your assignment will not expose you to online scam by sharing or selling your personal details. Unlike most expert writers reviews, we took our time to carefully analyze the company’s confidentiality agreement, looking out for loopholes and red flags.

The company assures its customers that it transfers all the copyrights of papers completed by its writers to the customers. In addition, it commits to never share or use your information in ways that would be against your will. This means, in other words, that you do not have to worry about your personal details ending up in the hands of third parties. This commitment was confirmed to us during our communication with the customer support agent. To make sure that your privacy is maintained, the company does not ask clients to sign up on the website before placing an order. In fact, the only details you will be asked to give are those pertinent to completing the task.

A Balanced Expert Writers Prices Review

One of the main factors that determine where students go to for writing assistance is the cost of getting help. We need to caution you against such offers as they are most likely from cons, who lack the ability and the intention to deliver. You may end up with a heavily duplicated or poor-quality paper. There is a lot of work that goes into researching, drafting, and editing quality work, which must be reflected in the setting of the ultimate price. Of course, this does not mean that you need to pay an arm and a leg to get good papers — top companies have ways of keeping their papers affordable.

During our review process, there were notable things that impressed us about the expert writer prices. First, we liked the fact that the price chart was clearly displayed on the homepage, articulating to any potential client the process that would be used to set the cost of his or her work. This also allowed us to gauge the cost per page of completing the project. We must confess, even before using the expert writers promo codes — they are unrivaled, by the way — the cost of our paper was already comparatively more affordable than services helping with similar papers in that category.

We would like to allay any fears of possible expert writers scam as their prices are clearly outlined on the company website, including information on the factors considered in cost determination. You find the prices comparatively fair, considering the quality delivered.

What About the Expert Writer Promo Code?

Many companies offering assignment help only focus on the setting of prices, with a focus on increasing their profits. During our review for expert writer company, we found the numerous bonuses and discounts particularly attractive. Here, a promo code implies a series of letters and words that permit clients to get a discount on their assignments. The computer-generated code can be entered into a promotional box to obtain a 15 percent discount with every purchase. The offer allows students to further the lower the cost of getting premium help online. It is also a strategy used by such top companies to attract customers and ensure loyalty. This, by its own, is an indication of the service’s long-term plan and commitment to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the agency also offers expert writers coupon codes for proofreading and editing services.

Expert Writer Discounts and Bonuses | How Does the System Work?

As previously indicated, while urgent and more complex projects tend to cost relatively more, there are ways in which you can lower the burden without necessarily compromising the quality of your work. By using the expert writers discount code, you can buy premium work from top writer are surprisingly low prices.

Here is how the bonus system works.

When the client places an order for the very first time, a virtual account personal balance is created. This can be checked by accessing the customer area. The customer is assigned a number and protects his or her customer area cabinet with a password. Upon ordering for the first time, you will be entitled to a bonus worth 15% of the cost of your first paper. Your subsequent orders will attract a bonus of 5% each. We were also informed that the company offers periodical bonuses from time to time. Once you have accumulated enough bonuses, you can make use of them to pay for your assignments. Here is even more good news — students can use bonuses and partially pay for their work. For instance, if you need a paper that costs 60 USD, but only has a bonus balance of 20 USD in your cabinet, you can pay for the 40 USD conventionally, and use the bonus for the rest.

While it is not possible to redeem the bonus points as cash from the service, they, nevertheless, amount to real money and can be used to pay for assignments. If you have accumulated enough bonus points, you will not need to worry about running out of cash. The goal is to develop a long-term relationship with the service. The bonus system at expert writer writing company is not a scam — your cabinet will be updated each time you make payments for a paper.

What about the Multiplicity and Security of Payment Options?

It is one thing to enjoy an expert writer coupon, but when it comes to the safety of payment, the whole process gets a notch higher. Remember, in any online transaction, your protection and security become a priority. After all, the internet is filled with cons and scammers looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people and expose them to identity theft. At the same time, it helps to work with a company that offers simple functionality. One way to enhance the security and ease of payment is by allowing several secure payment alternatives.

To help with answering the question — is expert writers trustworthy? — we examined the options available for customers to make payments online. What we found was impressive. Expert Writers have an adequate variety of alternatives since they collaborate with Visa, PayPal, American Express, and Mastercard. Since this pay-for-use service operates online, it requires methods that guarantee not only the privacy but also the security of its customers. For us, it seemed that the collaboration with multiple top payment brands was a strategy intended to protect both the customer and the company from the high incidences of fraud experienced in the online writing industry. The multiplicity of payment options also improves usability for students seeking fast writing help. You don’t need to worry about opening an account with a different payment provider each time you need help with a project. This aspect is always a critical element of our reviews on expert writers.

Is There a Refund Policy at Expert Writers?

Even if a company promises consistent quality and displays tons of positive reviews, there is always that remote chances that a customer will not be satisfied with the quality delivered. Top writing companies have guarantees assuring the client that his or her money will be refunded in the event that the work fails to meet his or her expectations. For our expert writer review, we wanted to know whether the company has a policy for refunding money in such instances.

We were informed that the service has strong money back guarantee, which ensures that customers get refunds, if necessary. The clear and honest policy is a definite plus if you are considering buying from an online company. The goal is to ensure that customers are not swindled out of their hard-earned cash. Of course, this is not always the case with most academic writing services. You had encountered certain companies where customers are compelled to go through endless revisions, just because the service had refused to refund the money paid when the paper delivered clearly substandard. Often, in such cases, the client is compelled to pay for a fresh paper once the revision limit is reached. Well, you don’t have to worry about this when you order from Expert Writers. The company recognizes the fact that the academic world is filled with dynamics where unforeseen changes can lead to altered instructions and expectations. The money back guarantees it is a true statement of its commitment to creating a strong reputation as a top academic writing service.

Don’t Hesitate! Place Your Own Order to Check the Quality

While good expert writers reviews like this one can highlight some important aspects of a writing service and point you towards a company that can offer reliable help with your project, sometimes, the best way to judge is by placing your own order. From our experience engaging the company and its writers, we can vouch for the quality delivered, and the responsiveness of the expert writers support team. Our paper was completed well before the indicated time, and the quality was outstanding. Our paper was checked for plagiarism before being made available for us to download. Of course, we did our own check using Copyscape and found it to be 100 percent plagiarism-free.

Here is our verdict, based on the review, Expert Writers is an amazing tool for students who lack the time or the skills to work on papers or those who have to deal with language barriers. With them, you will be more than satisfied with the quality of work delivered as well as the seamless ordering process.

Still Unconvinced? Here Is Why You Should Choose Expert Writers

As you search for writing assistance online, you will encounter tons of expert writers reviews assessing different elements of the service. However, what all these evaluations have in common is their agreement that Expert Writers is one of the best writing services in the United States. Here are some of the reasons why we found the agency particularly ideal for those who need urgent help with complex projects:

  • An impressive refund policy;
  • Free revisions;
  • Fast and quality writing;
  • A team of more than 2000 competent writers;
  • Affordability without compromising quality;
  • Plagiarism-free writing.

Of course, there are more reasons — you would need to place an order to experience them first-hand.

The Service is Legit! Don’t Hesitate to Order

We have reviewed many writing services over the years, but few if any can match the quality of work and the level of customer support offered by Expert Writers. From what we experienced and the information gathered, we can safely suggest an expert writer rating of 9 out of 10. Safely place your order.