Grademiners Review 2019; They Deliver Quality Work

Many students want to know about grademiners; what kind of services it provides, whether they are reliable or not, where they should use this company for academic assistance or not. To find answers to these questions, I conducted a detailed review of this website.

Studying the image of the company online and testing it myself on a variety of academic standards, I found that it’s a very good website. The company is committed to delivering quality work, and they never compromise on it. Their prime motive is to help students out genuinely, and any financial gains are secondary in preference. This is evident from the reviews of past customers I have studied online, as well as an outcome of my personal experience with this company.

Grademiners Writing Service Review; An Overview of the Company!

Starting as a small company in the US almost 10 years ago, the company has come a long way. The company started to expand in 2010 by hiring diversely skilled writers and establishing 24/7 customer support that remained fully functional right from the beginning as it is today. The rapid scale of growth and expansion of the company can be estimated from the fact that in just a matter of 3 years since its inception, the company was successful in having over 20,000 new customers with a team of 2000 professional writers, highly qualified in more than 25 subjects. If you visit site, you will find that the stats are really impressive!

Along the way, the company established an in-house department of quality assurance. Their efforts were directed at making the system so productive and efficient, that they could take very urgent orders and complete them with the same professionalism and quality as they were able to produce in orders with a long deadline. Today, this company serves as a huge marketplace for extremely trained and professional writers. It’s a very busy company. The fact that it delivers more than 300 orders every day in the high seasons speaks of its popularity among the customers.

While students should be given only so much homework that they are able to play as well, teachers commonly tend to overload students with all sorts of assignments, pushing them to their limit. Probably you are also in a similar situation, and that’s why, you are reading this writing service review. Understanding the high demand of academic writers these days, when the students are overloaded with homework, owners of the website set foot in the industry to provide genuine academic assistance to the users. Today, the company offers academic assistance for all sorts of writing projects including but not limited to essays, research papers, blogs, personal statements, resumes, theses, dissertations, and journal articles. It’s a very big company with a very strong market presence and a very positive image in the industry.

The Exercise I Did to Create This Review

What matters the most is that this review is trustworthy. To form my opinion of the company, I went through a tedious exercise. I started the search by finding out what other customers have to say about this website. For this, I read review on discussion forums and threads available online. I didn’t come across any negative reviews of the company. There were recurring themes of timely completion of tasks, plagiarism free writing, quick response to messages, and problem-free revision in the positive reviews that I read. To substantiate my findings, I placed an order on the website myself to have a first-hand experience of the service as a customer. To achieve this, I placed a fairly difficult college-level order that required a depth of analytical study and gave a short deadline to the writer. The purpose was to make the task as difficult for the writer as possible so that I would be able to document a real college paper writing service review.

I was particularly convinced of the professionalism of the company once I myself found its services extremely good. The paper was outstanding, and despite a short deadline, it was submitted even half an hour earlier than the deadline. Moreover, the paper was completely free of plagiarism. The writer not only timely completed the paper but also devised an appropriate topic for it and made an abstract in addition to what I had required. I was so satisfied with the service that I particularly asked for the writer’s ID and left positive feedback for him on the website along with a bonus.

Review on Grademiners; The Criteria for Company’s Evaluation

I diligently checked the quality of writing of this company evident from the paper I got from it, before including it into the list of top writing companies. A range of criterias help determine the quality of writing.

The first in line is to check whether the company produces free-of-error content and that everything is written from scratch. This is done to ensure that there is no plagiarism in the paper. As a general rule, colleges tend to allow no more than 5% plagiarism, which usually relates to the in-text citations. Therefore, a piece of writing can be considered to be free of plagiarism if 95% of its content is unique. Ideally, 100% of the writing should be unique, and there should be 0 plagiarism, which was what I found in the paper I ordered from this company – absolutely no plagiarism! This is a very important reason I admire this company in this paper writing service review.

A common requirement of teachers these days is to have information cited in the papers only from the most recent articles, which they define as those within the last 5-year range. Therefore, the second criterion of judgment is to check whether the text is fresh and relevant. In the paper that I got from this website, all references were published after 2015. Last but not least, I checked the paper for formatting. I only deem a piece of writing as good when it adheres to the selected style of writing from cover to cover, and my paper did exactly that.

In addition to checking the quality of work, I checked the website for a range of other criteria to be able to generate real review. This website demonstrated all qualities that are quintessential features of a good company. The typical qualities of a good online writing service, which I found in this company, include:

  • Premium content quality
  • Reasonable and competitive prices
  • Full originality of ideas
  • Timely submission of work
  • Expertise in a vast range of fields
  • Availability of the guarantees necessary for a good service
  • Good and efficient customer support
  • 24/7 availability of customers’ access to the admin
  • Native English writers

I evaluated the performance of this company based on a set of criteria. I reached those criteria considering the reviews, demands, and expectations of real customers. Here, its only rational and logical to share those criteria with you. They are as follows:

  • Traffic and conversion
  • Quantity of deals
  • New users visiting a site every day
  • Rate of refund
  • Quality of sample essays
  • Quality of content shared in the blogs

Of all the websites, I have found that the refund rate of this website is among the lowest. This implies that the website is able to satisfy the customers to the level that they don’t ask for a refund. Accordingly, the website can be considered to be performing well. The appearance of the landing page also affects the choice. In addition to that, the company uses safe channels of payment for the convenience of its users.

Miscellaneous Positive Features of the Company

This writing service for students is able to complete all sorts of writing projects ranging from simple essays to complex dissertations. This is a good feature because it provides you with the facility to have the same quality of work in all kinds of writing projects. Moreover, you can use the same company repeatedly for academic assistance in different instances. I carefully consider the variety of products offered by academic writing companies.

My experience has led me to the finding that companies that generally offer essay writing services pertaining to high-school alone are mostly unreliable. While high-school essays are some of the simplest types of writing, students tend to look for help with more complicated and time-consuming tasks. The central idea of online writing help is to allow the student time to focus on other important tasks while a team of professional writers works to accomplish the lengthiest, most complex, and an important project like a term paper.

You can have unlimited free revisions for 2 weeks after the original deadline. What remains your responsibility, is to fill out the order instructions’ form carefully. The more accurate your instructions, the greater the chances that you will get exactly what you want. Even then, if you have some comments after reading the paper submitted to you, you always have the facility of asking for a revision. In fact, it is one of the defining features of professional writing companies that they always revise the papers when they are asked to without charging the customers an additional amount up to a time limit. So don’t wait to ask for a revision if you feel the need of one.

Maintenance of confidentiality of the personal information of the clients is a very important feature of the company. They don’t exploit the data for any reason other than what is related to delivering the order. The website has advanced security standards to make the payment procedure safe and secure.

Here’s How They Determine The Price of Your Order

As a customer, one of the main elements you might be interested in is the company’s pricing strategy. I compared the prices of this company with other online writing services and found that the rates of this company are competitive. They are not the lowest, but you get top-class service at a fair price. The price is determined by an interplay of three factors, including the kind of work, the urgency of order, and the academic level of work. I personally believe that these three are very fair criteria for establishing the price of an order with. Certainly, a customer should not be required to pay as much for a high-school essay as one has to pay for a dissertation. Likewise, high-school level assignments should be, and are, cheaper than Ph.D. level work. Also, if you place an order with a 20-day deadline, you might have to pay half or three times lesser than what you might be charged for an essay with a 3-hour deadline.

Strength of Quality Assurance Department in The Company

I remember this company for the quality of service it provided me. The quality assurance department has a very important role in it. From the company’s policies as well as the reviews, I have gathered that the quality assurance department assumes a lot of power in the organizational structure of this company. It is above all other departments and works in close coordination and collaboration with the top management to ensure a continuous supply of unmatched quality. Some of the responsibilities of this department include:

  • Checking each paper for plagiarism before submitting to the clients.
  • Checking whether all instructions are properly addressed.
  • Reviewing the performance of writers.
  • Reviewing the content on the website.
  • Ensuring error-free transactions between clients and the company as well as between the company and writers.

Go Ahead and Place Your Orders Safely

So its obvious that is a very good company. The staff is committed to the delivery of quality work. So place your order on this website with full confidence.