Discover the Best Online Writers through Papernow Review 2019

It is a fact that nowadays there are so many distractions and challenges in daily life that prevent students from focusing on their assignments, coursework, research papers and dissertations. This has led to a tremendous rise in the demand for reliable online writing companies that deliver quality work. However, the biggest challenge currently, is finding a writing agency that will deliver the right quality of papers for the money you pay. is an online writing website that is known for its outstanding quality and diligence when it comes to undertaking academic and professional writing activities on behalf of students. This article is, therefore, an online essay writing service review of this company. It highlights its most remarkable services, features and customer assistance quality.

What Makes Papernow a Good Service?

At Papernow, you are guaranteed high quality for any service you order.  This is unlike numerous other companies that assure students of very high scores only to end up submitting to them substandard services. In most cases, students get charged much money for such mediocrity. This company always keeps its promise, and in the event, you are not satisfied with any of their services, you can get a full refund.

What’s more, papernow is not only a writing service for students but also sells examples of papers to assist students in improving their writing prowess. As a client, you also get to benefit from expert advice and tips on how to write a specific type of paper. Therefore, from this company, you can have your extra academic tasks done on your behalf and also enhance your learning through quality examples and advise. There are a very limited number of online companies whereby you can find such a combination of services.

Some students like procrastinating assignments or coursework reports. This situation can be as a result of laziness or other responsibilities such as part-time jobs or family duties. As such they are normally left with very limited time to focus on finishing their papers adequately. Papernow has extremely speedy writers who can work on an order regardless of how urgent.  Our writers can deliver your order within 3 hours. However, this depends on the difficulty of your paper and its length. Also take note that, the more urgent your order, the higher the cost of doing it. However, whichever way, you shall still receive your paper on time.

Another strong feature of this website is that they hire highly qualified writers to offer writing services to clients. Some writers have attained masters and Ph.D. degrees across different subjects. Therefore, no matter how complex your paper is, rest assured that you shall always find a writing guru who can solve all your writing concerns instantly.  These writers have developed the requisite aptitudes required in undertaking thorough research, analysis, and evaluation of information.

What’s more, their experience in academic writing spans more than 7 years. In the course of this period, they have sharpened their writing skills. They have also gained a high level of empathy for most of the academic challenges students experience. Therefore, they can come up with suitable solutions for any writing challenge.

Upon ordering a paper, you receive a fully customized copy that matches your preference. The company has writers who pay keen attention to all instructions. Another good thing about these writers is that whenever they are not sure about some instructions, they observe due diligence to contact a client for clarification.

To claim that the services of this company are 100 percent perfect would be deceitful. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need for refunds. So, in case you download your paper and notice that there are some few places you need a writer to make adjustments, you can ask for as many corrections as you wish within 2 weeks after receiving it. This ensures that by the time you are submitting the paper to your instructor or lecturer you are fully affirmative of its quality.

The Topmost Reasons to Choose Papernow

In this company, there is so much more apart from just hiring a writer and receiving your paper for the sake of completing your assignments or projects. You shall greatly benefit from the following advantages:

  • Hand-picked writers

This company only goes for the most prolific academic writers in the industry.

What’s more, before hiring a writer, he or she must pass rigorous examinations to ascertain that their writing skill is top-notch.  This requirement ensures that all clients receive writing assistance from seasoned writers. Therefore, once you hire the writing services of this company, the chances of returning your paper for additional revisions and editing is very minimal.

Furthermore, when it comes to assigning a task to a writer, their system can quickly determine the best subject-relevant writer to undertake the task. Writers are usually evaluated based on their order history. All the orders they have worked on are usually tallied and other factors such as rates of revisions, order rejections and cancellations are taken into account. For this reason, once you place an order, it shall be matched with a suitable writer within 10 minutes.

  • Papernow plagiarism free papers

No organization or institution both academic and professional condones plagiarism. Papernow understands the seriousness of this issue and as such, does all it takes to ensure that all papers are 100% original. Their writers are well informed about all the writing styles and guidelines utilized in academic writing. Any cited material must be accompanied by the relevant in-text citation as well as a bibliographical reference. Even after quoting text, they see to it that they have inserted quotation marks in addition to the citation.

  • Affordable prices

Papernow offers extremely low prices for their services. Their top services include essay writing, term paper writing, research papers, and editing. For an essay, they will only charge you starting from $11.87 a page. A term paper starts from USD 14.65 per page. Editing services begin at $7.98 while research papers – at $12.65.

With such prices, you can easily have your challenging papers written for you while you make savings. They understand that many students face financial difficulties during school sessions. Some are independent in the provision of their basic and academic needs. Parents and guardians do not support them.

  • Promotional discounts

Upon ordering your first paper, you get a 15% price cut to welcome you into the service. Making referrals also makes you eligible to free-paper bonuses that help you solve more of your writing challenges through redeeming the offers. Making bulk orders at a go equally attracts amazing discounts. What’s more, if you have been a loyal customer for a given period, the company periodically awards you attractive bonuses. Always use the papernow org promo code to redeem your bonus or discount.

  • All academic levels and opinion topics

This company does not provide solutions to a specific academic level like some other writing agencies. Here, you can purchase a paper regardless of whether you are in high school, a community college, a university pursuing undergraduate studies or masters and Ph.D. This ensures that regardless of your level of learning, you can still benefit from our quality writing services.

  • Auxiliary services

There are many extra services that you can obtain from papernow apart from writing assistance and essay examples. Their amazing writers can proofread your pre-written paper and make the necessary corrections. They can likewise include annotations within your bibliographies. If you need a customized lab report, they can effectively write it for you. What’s more, if you are too exhausted to research your literature reviews, they can write for you a well-researched review that captures all the relevant information.

  • Papernow legit native English writers

Do not worry if you are poor in language. This issue is common among students, more so the foreign ones.  Such students experience much difficulty in coming up with grammatically correct sentences. Consequently, they compose papers riddles with numerous grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and odd collocations.

At papernow, you are sure to find native English speakers who undertook their entire education in either the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. The benefit of this is you get spectacular papers that are free from any grammatical blunders and zero spelling errors. Your copies shall be a lot easier to read and comprehend leading to the probability of attaining high scores.

  • 24-hour writing assistance

Any time you need a paper or an essay sample, you can make an order at your convenience. Even if it is late in the night and you have an assignment due the next day, this company can sort out your problem, and you receive the paper on time. They are constantly available throughout the year and work even during all the major public holidays. Likewise, in case you need to free up time for the sake of leisure, you can always hand over your writing tasks to them at any time.

  • Different subjects

Papernow can offer academic assistance in over 40 subjects. Therefore, for a student experiencing difficulties in writing as well as understanding multiple subjects, they can receive expert advice, tips and writing assistance for each of them. This company can, therefore, assist a student to boost their general performance.

Papernow Writing Service Review on Its Ease of Use

This website has a very simple design that makes it easy to navigate and find items. All its features are properly organized in simple and straightforward menus. The different menus shall guide you towards the specific information or service you are looking for.

The language used on the website is basic English that is easy to understand. You cannot encounter bombastic language that would force you to refer to a dictionary. All the keys are highly responsive upon a single click. The graphical design and choice of color are also appealing to see. This makes you enjoy the experience of navigating the different menus.

What’s more, this basic design of the website does not require you to sign up for their services. Once you log in for the first time, your credentials get stored within the website. Therefore, you can log in subsequently. The procedure for placing an order is as follows:

  • Log in to the website
  • Fill the order form
  • Deposit the payment. This is calculated in real-time after indicating the order details
  • Wait as they find a qualified writer
  • You can optionally login to monitor the progress of the paper
  • Download your paper when the deadline arrives.
  • Leave your comments

Top Class Customer Support

Papernow has one of the best customer care systems among all the writing companies. Their support staff is available round the clock. Within their website, there is a floating chat button that you can access regardless of the page you are on. No navigation is required to chat with a support agent. Feel free to ask them for any help regarding a service or if you have a complaint.

What’s more, the real-time order tracking feature allows you to communicate with a writer anonymously. This will enable you to monitor the progress of your paper and even inform the writer of any alterations you would like to make in your copy. To discover evidence of the kind of customer assistance we have, read review remarks. You shall find out that most customer remarks indicate general satisfaction with our services.

The Papernow Refund Policy

This company has a 100% money back guarantee. Any time you deposit your payment, it is held in escrow until you give your approval of satisfaction with an order. Otherwise, you are entitled to make a claim and request for a full refund.

Highly Secure and Efficient Payment Methods

This company uses a highly secure and effective payment means. These include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. They are highly reliable for online payments, and your bank details also remain secure. The website has also been developed using SSL technology that encrypts all traffic. Therefore, unauthorized parties cannot intercept your traffic and snoop on your personal as well as banking details.

Affirmations from the Quality Assurance Department

Upon completing a paper, the department must analyze it through Copyscape software to check for any unoriginal content. After that, the necessary edits shall be made to eradicate plagiarized text. The information in your paper, as well as your details, cannot be shared with any other third party. Even when you conduct a web search, you shall notice that your orders are not present in the search results. They also use proofreading software such as Grammarly to check your paper for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and passive voice.